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I am a Writer-Editor holding an M.F.A. in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts and an M.A. in Journalism & Public Affairs. I write feature articles, poetry, fiction, and I'm working on two screenplays. My poetry has been published in Welter Literary Journal and Promise, and feature articles have been accepted by Washington Parent and published in Spotlight, a magazine that publishes in English and is available in seven European countries. I live in Baltimore, Maryland with my two children, a Maltese diva-dog named Zuzu Ella, a fat tuxedo cat named Snickerdoodle, a strawberry-blonde tabby named Leon (after "Leon the Professional"), and a yellow-eyed, velvety black cat named Jiji (from the Anime' "Kiki's Delivery Service").


about "nyctinasty"

My first book of poetry, nyctinasty, is a collection of poems about experiences of my own or of others that have caused me intense anxiety, and a few poems about experiences, people, or things that have brought me comfort. The price for nyctinasty is $12. Purchase the book with a handmade anxiety disorder awareness bracelet for $15.


excerpts from "nyctinasty"

Verve for Chimeras and Fancy 

                                      for Sophie

She braves

to kiss the yellow ghost, a glint

of haunted wonder.

She feels 

wax burn the pond

like orange slices.

My youngest daughter sees 

the animatronic princess in a paper castle 

shake the child in the grave.


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